Excitement as ICC Property Management Announces Initiative to Reward Employees

The initiative dubbed the Dream Foundation will reward employees with money and opportunities towards helping them achieve their dreams.


ICC Property Management is committed to ensuring that its employees are successful in all their endeavors. ICC Dream Foundation will motivate employees to become the best versions of themselves at work while achieving their goals in their personal lives.


It is as a result of the recognition of the important role that employees play that the leadership at ICC Property Management has created the foundation.


“ICC cannot exist as it is without its staff,” says ICC CEO and Founder Steven Christodoulou. “Our staff is what creates the great culture which we enjoy at ICC. And it is this great culture that gives us a competitive advantage over our competition.”


According to a study conducted by the Bersin group, employee productivity in companies that have incentive programs records a 14% employee productivity bump compared to those without. ICC Property Management CEO believes that the Dream Foundation will improve the lives of company employees as it helps them achieve some of their dreams in their personal lives.


“Our very generous employer asked all of us what our dreams were. My dream was to join Weight Watchers. I mentioned that to Steve. Whether he could meet my dream or not I was going to join it because I was concerned about my health,” Leona, an ICC employee says. “Steve not only granted my dream, he also opened it up to everybody at ICC.”


Leona is one of the dreamers whose dream was granted through the new initiative. After opening up the Weight Watchers program to other ICC Property Management employees, those who have participated in the program have altogether lost 142.6 pounds.


Contact Info:


Name: Steven Christodoulou


Organization: ICC Property Management Ltd.


Address: 1151 Denison St #15, Markham, ON L3R 3Y4, Canada

Phone: 647-559-4322

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