Online Press Release Distribution Benefits

So you've got the press release you want. You can't find any way to improve upon the word choice and arrangement. You've got keyword density, which will help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You've got the right contact information on the release. All is well. Or is it? Could it be that the press release alone is only going to get you to first base?

No man is an island. You really can't escape the fact that sometimes people need help getting the news out. That's where a quality press release distribution partner can help.

At, such help is available. Release News Press Release Distribution is partnered with over 500 news websites, content sharing websites and various media. They are also equipped to get Google News, feeds, search engines and social media platforms interested and ready to carry the releases.

Clients who realize that they can't do it alone, recognize how critical a network is to their success. Distribution at has been shown to amount to a partner in getting the information widely disbursed. Exposure is so critical during the short window of time for a release, so most people recognize that they need some help to ensure that their information reaches a mass of people in a fast and efficient manner. 15 search engines across the spectrum, 18 newspapers and news site, 18 TV and radio sites, 16 social media platforms, internation, national/regional and industry sites and more are all aligned with Release News.

What this means for users of their distrubution services is the opportunity to get featured through various outlets without having to do one's own legwork and footwork. The distrubution offered enables users to utilize the legs and feet of the company and spare their own. It's been described as a place that can help people hit a home run, or, in other words, cover all the bases.

Online news submission & press release distribution service - Google News submission & over 1500+ major news syndications (Including TV, Newspapers, Radio) We help get your news noticed by your customers and media. You can reach out and target specific industries and locations worldwide, giving great exposure! We can even write the press release you want to distribute.