AngelHelper.Org new Charitable fundraising portal Launched

A new faith-based fundraising portal, geared towards enabling individuals with financial need to create their fund raising campaign that may attract and receive potential donations and help from other members or angel helper to raised money for just-cause, natural disaster or financial emergency, has been launched.

AngelHelper.Org is the new fund-raising donation site.

It offers individuals the ability to freely post their charitable and fund-raising campaigns.

“What makes us different from all other crowdfunding sites is the fact that you pay nothing until your campaign is fully funded,” said the Angel Helper spokesperson, who appeals spell for persons or organizations to lend a helping hand to someone in need, by making a difference in somebody life today.

“Your little charitable donation will go a long way in helping, so I urge you to become an Angel Helper,” said Mr. Godwin E. E, who assured campaign creators who will be using Angel Helper that they now have the ability to share their fund-raising campaign details on any social network.

“With the share feature was designed to help each specific campaign page attract greater awareness to the fund-raising effort,” added Godwin.

Another useful feature of the new portal is the fact that it uses both PayPal and Stripe payment systems for all transactions. Whether making a donation to the individual campaign or reimburse campaign creator funded money, the portal ensures the safe, secured, and transparent needs of all transactions.

“Whether you are an individual or an organization that needs help when a disaster or tragedy happens, was created to help you do something good for others. Being an angel or putting a smile on the face of someone in need is a great accomplishment, and that’s why we are here to lend a helping hand to those in need,” said Mr. Godwin

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