Free Cell Phone Tracker Lets You Get Name, Current Location, Photos & More


New services are emerging that make it easy to freely access information about a number. Be it a mobile cell phone or landline, a reverse lookup can be performed in seconds, and in many cases for free too.


Reverse Phone Lookup sites like WhoEasy let you perform a free phone search. The site claims they have information on every single registered phone number. The site lets you track the owner’s name, phone number, location and other information. say on their website:


“We developed our technology to quickly get you the information you are looking for. Our search is free and simple. Don’t waste your time looking through old phone books or contacts. Don’t guess whether it’s an ex-boyfriend, classmate, prank caller, fraudster, scammer or wrong number”.



With the progression of technology, navigation devices and phone location technology, it seems that phone lookup services are becoming more common. In fact there are several other reverse phone lookup sites available too.


Not everyone feel comfortable about this type of service though. They don’t always get met with a good response. Many find it a breach of privacy, and some of the phone tracking spy apps have been pushed be banned and phased out. The developers usually find a way to get round this though.


Although seen as controversial at times, many find it as a positive thing. The ability to search and lookup a phone number, revealing details can save great amounts of time and have multiple positive uses.

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